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February 2020

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Cyber Defence

As our daily lives become increasingly dependent on information and communication technologies, we become more and more exposed to risks connected to its utilization. Attacks of the state and non-state actors aimed at these technologies became the integral part of conducting operations and cyberspace has been declared by the NATO as a new domain of warfare, placing it alongside the land, air, sea, and space. Based on the national strategic documents, NATO and EU programs, cybersecurity became one of the highest priority. Cyberspace is characteristic by the interconnectivity, no borders, and diminishing distance between threats and potential victims. Conventional approach to protection of isolated systems is insufficient and there is a need to complex cyberspace protection and defence. With the changing threat landscape new important tasks for the governments are also arising.

National documents involving tasks aimed at providing adequate protection and defend of Slovak cyberspace are:

Organisational Structure of Military Intelligence

The Cyber Defence Center of the Slovak Republic is a special department of the Military Intelligence that fulfils the cyber defence tasks of the Slovak Republic. The Center collects, aggregates, analyses, and evaluates information important for the cyber defence, informs affected parties about current threats and suggests appropriate measures. CSIRT.MIL.SK – the military computer security response team is a part of the Center.



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